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Item History & Price

Reference Number: Avaluer:27171165Body Shape: DIPLOMAT
Brand: dunhill

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    dunhill dunhill pipe shell

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    1931 Dunhill Patent Shell Bent Billiard Shape 56
    1931 Dunhill Patent Shell Bent Billiard Shape 56
    This is a remarkable pipe from a legendary brand and a legendary time periodPatent Dunhills are renowned for their look and smoking characteristics. This pipe exhibits all of the features that this era of production is known for, namely, classic shaping, and very appealing sandblasted grain. To top it off, this particular beauty bears an uncommon Fabrication Anglaise stamp, rather than the usual Made in England.The date code on the pipe ( 11 ) dates it to 1931. Wow Any and all questions welcomeL...
    Dunhill 1978 Bruyere Straight Dublin Shape 31051
    I've always found this Dunhill shape to be incredibly beautiful and quite classy Now 42 years old and in its prime this Bruyere is a gorgeous one. The tall bowl carries extra thick walls and feels much more like a Group 4 and has a Group 4 size chamberdimensions which is odd that it's a Group 3. It sits comfortably in the hand and lightweight at only 31g. Shank is round and thick meeting the original vulcanite stem with crisp white spot and fishtail bit. Finish is classic Bruyere, warm and rich ...
    Dunhill 1950 Shell Chubby Billiard Shape 127
    Up for sale is a gorgeous DUNHILL 1950 SHELL CHUBBY BILLIARD SHAPE 127. This pipe is a phenomenal estate find. Pipe is marked Dunhill Shell made in England 0 underlined. Patent no 41757434. Amazing sandblast finish with a great chubby billiard design and fantastic craftsmanship and history. Amazing pipe for any collector or smoker. In great shape just needs a good cleaning. See pics. Here are the specs on this pipe:Length: 5.5Inside diameter: 0.75Outside diameter: 1.375Inside depth: 1.5Outside d...
    Dunhill 1975 Shell Chubby Billiard Shape 127
    From a distance you'd swear this was an LB This 1975 Shell 127 was a shape that John Loring held dear alongside his collection of LB's. The muscular bowl sits comfortably in the hand with enough taper to almost show Apple characteristics. The walls are extra thick despite being a Group 4 while the chamber is relatively modest. The stout bowl transitions to a super chubby shank and equal in diameter to an LB and meets the vulcanite stem with straight bit and crisp white spot that has aged to a cr...
    Dunhill 1961 Shell Briar Dublin Shape 142 Estate Pipe
    I honestly thought this Dunhill was unsmoked when I got it, it was that clean and I'm guessing was smoked once, possibly just a half bowl This exceptional Dunhill will turn 60 this year and a long stem Dublin shape 142 which in my opinion is one of the finest they ever made. Made from Algerian briar it is sleek and classy, about a Group 3 and carries extra thick walls with a relatively modest conical chamber. The bowl has a touch of forward cant while the shank is round and very well proportione...
    Dunhill 1994 Shell Classic Billiard Shape 2103 Estate Pipe
    Dunhill's "03" shape is a marquee in their portfolio, the most sought after classic Billiard they ever made. This one from 1994 is a gem and in a convenient Group 2 yet offers plenty of capacity. The stout bowl tapers just a little towards the rim with relatively thick walls. Shank is chubby on the "03" shape and very well proportioned. Stem is original vulcanite with crisp white spot and fishtail bit. The Shell finish of the 1990's is a bit lighter than it's earlier counterparts yet equally bea...
    Dunhill 1978 Shell Briar Smoking Pipe Billiard Group 6 105
    Dunhill Shell Briar Billiardmade in EnglandBowl Height: 2 18"Length: 6 12"Bore: 1516"Weight: 75gVery clean - sanitized and ready to smoke. Huge group 6. This pipe doesn't appear to have been smoked much - very smooth inside the bowl. A slight touch of chatter on the bottom of the mouthpiece.Pipe will be mailed in a blue pipe sock and packed carefully. Length on billiards is measured end-to-end. Length on bent pipes is measured from the tip of the stem straight across to the far end of the bowl.T...
    1978 Dunhill Vintage Shell 31041 Briar Bent Bulldog Estate Pipe Pipa Pfeife 烟斗
    Here we have a superb vintage "Shell" 31041 briar estate pipe in the bent 'bulldog' shape with fishtail stem, and a lovely rustic sandblast finish to the briar, crafted in 1978 by master British pipe-maker, Dunhill. The stem is a 'Hardcastle' replacement, but fits sufficiently well to allow the pipe to be smoked.Aside from this the pipe has been well smoked but remains in very good condition - just a few lightteethmarks on the stem.There is a good layer of carbon in the chamber, and a little on ...
    Top Dunhill Oda Shell Shape 836 F/t S England 2 9 Mm Filter
    from my collection:Today in the auction this beautiful estate pipe: 1 TOP DUNHILL ODA SHELL SHAPE 836 FT S ENGLAND 2 1 inches 2.54 centimeters 9 mm FilterLENGTH: ca. 15, 8 cmHeight: ca. 5, 4 cmDiameter: ca. 3, 8 cmDiameter inside: ca. 2, 3 cm .Weight: ca. 64 grammnot cleaned, not desinfekted Condition acc. foto. small deviation in coulor by influence of light ist possible. As this is a private auction,

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